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We are a new concept restaurant offering really good comfort food from scratch, that is always fresh, focusing on quality, while using as many locally sourced ingredients as we can find. We do not use any freezers, and what we can't make, we find someone that will make it for us. We are super casual, but go through the efforts only a select few of the finest restaurants in the nation actually take the time, energy, and efforts to do. We go to the best markets and pick up the best products we can find, as fresh does not deliver. This allows us to make food using only the best and freshest ingredients, as quality and freshness determine flavor.

This is group of images that include the Woodlands Seafood, Co, Majkszak's Meat Market, Houston Dairymaids, and Manna - Bread from Heaven - It states that Fresh does not deliver and that We go get fresh for you!

Come find us at the Copperhead Brewery, as we are serving our food at their location. This is now Conroe's newest destination for great food, paired with exceptional craft beer. The brewery did not have enough room to build out a kitchen, so we converted a 40 foot international shipping container into a fully functional commercial kitchen. Come experience really good food made from scratch, that is always fresh. Come experience how hand picked produce, freshily baked buns, prime usda beef, and never frozen fresh fish make a huge difference in quality and flavors.

The HOPPY Kitchen currently specializes in from scratch pizzas, prime country club hamburgers, fresh cold water Atlantic cod fish & chips, an amazing smoked beef brisket Texas chili, and other seasonal quality comfort food. We currently have seating inside, on the patio, plus we offer take-out, or call us and we will be happy to work a curb-side pick-up, with you never having to leave the car! Come have a meal with us today, we think you will enjoy our quality food and our casual atmosphere.

Hours of Operation
Monday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Tuesday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Wednesday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Thursday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Friday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday • 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday • CLOSED
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The HOPPY Kitchen • Current Menu and Chef's Specials

This is our Pub Food Menu 
We offer Prime Countryclub style hamburgers, pulled pork sandwiches, a sloppy Vito sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich, a spinach greek salad, baked potatoes, fish & chips, prime smoked beef brisket chili, frito pie, chili cheese fries, bacon cheese fries, fried mushrooms, poutine, and plain fries.
This is the current PIZZA menu for The HOPPY Kitchen

The HOPPY Kitchen - Parking
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This section will share a little information about our food.

This is a picture of the pizza we sell. This is a from scratch mild Italian sausage, kalamata olives, and banana pepper topped pizza.This is a picture of the PRIME country club hamburger we sell. This is a 1/2 pound prime hamburger, served on a hand made brioche bun.This is a picture of the cold Atlantic cod fish & chips we sell. Our Atlantic cod is flown in weekly, and is fried to a golden brown crunch, but remains light and flakey.

Our pizzas are all hand-made from scratch using only the freshest ingredients we can source. Chef has created our unique pizza dough, it is made in our 80qt mixer, from scratch in our kitchen. Our dough is made to rise and crisp nicely, while remaining soft and tender inside. The Chef makes his own marinara and blanco sauces fresh, and then we add only the finest toma and pecorino romano cheeses. All of our chesses are obtained from Houston Dairymaids, a firm that specializes in hand-made cheeses. We buy whole fresh pepperoni, salami, pineapple, tomatoes, red onions plus a blend of fresh mushrooms (shiitaki, cremini, and oyster) and slice all of these in house to ensure quality and freshness.

All of our hamburgers are ground fresh using only PRIME beef we acquire locally at the Majkszak's Meat Market, all burgers are placed on either a Cheddar Bacon Bun or a Brioche Bun made freshly by the Manna - Bread from Heaven Bakery. We use only aged vermont cheddar Cheese that we obtain from Houston Dairymaids that specializes in hand made cheeses. We add mustard, lettuce, red onion, tomatoes, and pickles to every burger unless asked to do otherwise. Jalapeno peppers, ketchup, and mayonnaise are always available on request.

Our fish and chips use only fresh Atlantic Cod that is flown in several times a week fresh from Maine. We do not use or own a freezer in our kitchen, so fresh fish was so very important. We found a seafood market that can deliver the freshest fish we can find. The chef then uses the Copperhead Select to make the beer batter. It is fried until the outisde is gold brown, and it is served with malted vinegar. We also have the chefs own lemon, caper, aioli available for a nominal charge. The cod is white, light, and flakey.

Our pulled pork sandwiches begin with whole bone in pork butts. (pork shoulders) These are are natural, hormone free pork buuts we obtain from Majkszak's Meat Market. Chef seasons them, and cooks them until they are ready to shred. He hand shreds the pork, and then serves it on a brioche bun with his own Striker Beer-Spicy-Mustard Sauce. It is unlike any other pulled pork sandwich you have ever had.

Our chili is made from scratch using only the best PRIME smoked beef brisket for the meat, then using an old Houston family Texas chili recipe that combines lots of herbs, spices, and it's unique chili powder blend, the chef uses some Copperhead Select to create a Texas Original. This chili is spicy, flavorful, and is just the right amount of hot. Come try a bowl of chili, or an old fashioned chili pie, both are topped with aged Vermont Cheddar and red onions.

Our last Chef belived one mushroom was not enough, and as a result we use a FRESH two mushroom blend. The first mushroom we use is a Cremini mushroom, which Cremini mushrooms and Portabello mushrooms are essentially the same mushroom. Let the cremini mushroom continue to grow and the cap opens and flattens out and the gills turn a deep chocolate brown. This is why often times creminis are called baby bellas, because they are a technically a baby portabella mushroom. The second mushroom we use is an oyster mushroom which are known for their delicate texture and mild, savory flavor. It is this blend that is chopped and used on pizzas, Prime country club hamburgers, or with our fried mushrooms.

All of our food made from scracth, always fresh, as our concept is all about fresh comfort pub food that pair well with the craft beer offered by the brewery. We do a menu that will change, based on what we find fresh and interesting. We are here to serve good food to you, and welcome all comments, statements, or feedback. We want every experience The HOPPY Kitchen to be one you enjoy, we understand that life is full of choices and we appreciate anyone that has made the choice to dine with us!

Fresh does not deliver, so we go to the best markets to get the best ingredients.

This is a picture of Majkszak's Meat Market located in Conroe, Texas
This is a picture of the Woodlands Seafood, Co located in the Woodlands, TX.This is a picture of Manna - Bread from Heaven.
This is a picture of Houston Dairymaid, they are Houston's premier cheese monger.

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